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I am an experienced physiotherapist and professional physical trainer with more than 10 years of experience in both Japan and The Netherlands. I am currently working at two clinics in Amstelveen and Amsterdam Zuid.

Physiotherapist, Hidekazu Kuwabara
It's been about 10 years since I started working as a physiotherapist. So far, I have worked with people who have chronic pain and top athletes for preventing injuries and improving their performance.

Currently, I work at the clinics and take care of athletes in Europe. I always consider the root cause of pain in each body part such as shoulder pain and chronic low back pain. The cause of physical pain is rarely in the part of the body where the pain is, and I think it is necessary to see what kind of disorder the body has as a whole.

From this perspective, I believe that we can quickly find the cause of the underlying pain and physical discomfort and improve our body.

For people who…

☑︎ have symptoms of stiffness and pain in parts of the body
☑︎ want to maintain health and prevent symptoms
☑︎ want to prevent sport injuries
☑︎ want to improve sports performance

Location and opening hours of Physio clinics

Art of Physio (Amsterdam Zuid)

Ijsbaanpad 9-11, Amsterdam

●Opening hours
Tuesday 9:00-21:00
Thursday 9:00-21:00

» Information about Art of Physio (You can also make an appointment via this website)

Fysio Quality (Amstelveen)

Heemraadsschapslaan 102 L, Amstelveen

●Opening hours
Monday 9:00-21:00
Wednesday 9:00-21:00

» Information about Fysio Quality (You can also make an appointment via this website)

*The opening hours can be changed everyday.
*Clinics are two different locations (Amstelveen/ Amsterdam Zuid)

Make an appointment

●Whatsapp: +31 (0) 64 006 6580

Please contact me through whatsapp or e-mail above with your info below.

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  2. birthday
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  5. phone number
  6. BSN number
  7. name of your Doctor(if you are registered at house doctor)

You can also take contact to ask something. Please feel free to send a message also via Instagram or Facebook.


– Dutch professional football youth clubs (Almere city, Excelsior Rotterdam)
– Judo Bond Netherlands
– Belgium professional football club (Sint-Truiden VV)
– Personal physiotherapist for professional football players in Europa