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Iliopsoas / re-education program

The “Iliopsoas / Re-education Program” aims to learn how to use the [Iliopsoas], which is in the deep part of the trunk and is nessesary for “improving performance, preventing injuries, and having a healthy body”.

As the body develops from a baby to an adult, the iliopsoas muscle, which was used by anyone in early childhood, is gradually changing to a body that cannot be used due to the influence of modern lifestyles…

Therefore, in this online training, we call it “re-education of the iliopsoas muscle” in the sense that anyone can re-use the iliopsoas muscle that was used in the past.

To be able to use the iliopsoas muscle, you need the following three main things.

  • Minimum flexibility (especially hip and thoracic)
  • Pelvic stability (unlike core training such as plank)
  • How to direct the correct consciousness to the body


At the same time, we will give you advice on how to take care of yourself when you get injured and how to have a healthy lifestyle.
people who want for…

☑︎ learning how to use the body in the same way as top athletes
☑︎ improving sports performance
☑︎ improving back, neck, shoulder hip, knee, ankle problems
☑︎ enjoying sports without injury
☑︎ living a life without stiffnesses and pains
☑︎ geting older with a healthy body
☑︎ geting a body that doesn’t get tired easily
☑︎ knowing how to use the correct body that humans originally have
☑︎ solving my long-term physical problems and pains

Program prices

Monthly / 4 sessions 150 euro
Monthly / 2 sessions 110 euro
Monthly / 1 session 60 euro

* 1 session: 1 hour

How to apply for the online training



Whatsapp: +31 6 4006 6580


instagram ID: hidde17

Please don’t hesitate to take a contact if you have questions.